Insights from the experts in investment fiduciary responsibility.

Best practices for fund replacements to keep you in compliance

Posted by Dave Palascak, Vice President, Product Management on March 23, 2018

When replacing a poorly performing investment in a fiduciary account, follow these best practices to ensure fiduciary compliance.

Fi360 Urges DOL and SEC to Come Together on Fiduciary Rule

Posted by on March 16, 2018

Fi360 said today that the U.S. Department of Labor should continue its support of an updated rule that holds investment fiduciaries accountable for their retirement advice.

Don’t Miss National Fiduciary Day on March 22, 2018

Posted by Ryan Lynch on March 01, 2018

Nearly one year ago, on March 23, 2017, 60 advisors from 13-states converged on three beloved U.S. cities to unpack the prudent investment practices required of millions of investment stewards and the financial professionals who serve them.

Do bad index funds exist?

Posted by Mike Limbacher, AIF®, Product Manager on February 21, 2018

Do bad index funds exist?

Some advisors erroneously believe that by simply investing in index funds they can forgo any ongoing monitoring of client investments. This approach is faulty for several reasons, but the basic question is: Do bad index funds exist?

America Saves Week - How to Sell and Deliver a Financial Wellness Program

Posted by Ryan Lynch, AIF®, PPC®, Program Manager on February 13, 2018

America Saves Week - How to Sell and Deliver a Financial Wellness Program

In a profession where differentiation is crucial, leveraging a financial wellness program can help you stand out. Because there is no standard definition of financial wellness, you’re in the driver’s seat – or at least riding shotgun – in defining such a program. In celebration of America Saves Week later this month, Ryan has put together some tips for getting started with or revamping your own financial wellness program.

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