Our educational webinars address recent industry developments or specific topics related to fiduciary responsibility. They offer opportunities for interaction between the audience and the presenters, who are Fi360 staff or other industry thought-leaders.

Introducing the Latest Update to Fi360’s Prudent Practices

Rich Lynch, AIFA®, Director, Fi360

Bennett Aikin, AIF®, VP, Fi360

January 30, 2019

Fi360 is pleased to introduce the latest iteration of its Prudent Practices for Investment Fiduciaries. Originally developed in 2002 to help clarify the responsibilities that an investment fiduciary must manage, this is the third major review and update undertaken to ensure the Practices continue to reflect the duties an investment fiduciary is expected to be able to perform. This is the first update to follow a process designed explicitly to conform with the ISO 17024 standard and requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This webinar describes that process, provides an overview of the Practices and their significance, highlights where changes were made to the Practices, and covers what this means for the AIF® designation, AIF® designees, and future candidates.  

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Demystifying Providing Advisory and Planning Services to Women

Alexandra Lundgren, Tree City Advisors, LLC

January 16, 2019

Working with women is different than working with men, both in the boardroom and as individual clients. This webinar provides insight into many of the 'whys' of the decision-making process to help you recognize costly business and behavior mistakes you likely don't even know you are making. These unknown mistakes not only cost you immediate business, but referrals as well.

The majority of women do business with an individual based on the recommendations of others. Missing this referral base is huge. According to a 2015 survey by Fidelity Investments, 92 percent of women surveyed want to learn more about financial planning, 75 percent want to learn more about money and investing and 83 percent want to get more involved in their finances - that's a lot of money.

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Fiduciary Year in Review: What Advisors Need to Know about the Evolving Fiduciary Landscape

Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFP®, CFA, Executive Chairman, Fi360 and CEFEX

Duane Thompson, AIFA®, Senior Policy Analyst, Fi360

December 19, 2018

As another eventful year comes to an end, fiduciaries have witnessed historic changes in the market conduct standards for investment advice.  In March, courtesy of a surprise decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the DOL’s long-contested fiduciary rule was vacated.  Just a month later, the SEC released a new, quasi-fiduciary rule for brokers providing retail investment advice. State insurance commissioners continued their work to plug the gap for annuity transactions with an updated ‘best interest’ rule while New York and New Jersey moved ahead with fiduciary rules of their own.  At the same time, nearly 40 excessive fee lawsuits filed under ERISA against major universities and financial services firms’ retirement plans continued to work their way through the legal pipeline.  And there was more!  Our final Fi360 webcast of 2018 reprises tumultuous events and offer insights into how this translates into re-shaping the contours of the fiduciary standard for advisors in 2019 and beyond.

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