Our educational webinars address recent industry developments or specific topics related to fiduciary responsibility. They offer opportunities for interaction between the audience and the presenters, who are Fi360 staff or other industry thought-leaders.

Whatever Happened to the Class of 2016?: Lessons Learned from ERISA Class Action Lawsuits

Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFP®, CFA®, Founder & Principal, Fiduciary Insights

Duane Thompson, AIFA®, Senior Policy Analyst, Broadridge Fi360 Solutions

November 18, 2021

The latest wave of ERISA class-actions involving excessive fees and underperformance claims over the last decade have resulted in an estimated $1 billion-plus in settlements, and untold millions in legal costs for plan fiduciaries.  Out of the several hundred class-action complaints that have been filed since 2016, Fi360’s two presenters, Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFP®, CFA, and Duane Thompson, AIFA®, look to this seminal year for lessons that can be applied today in improving fiduciary practices.  Aikin and Thompson look closely at key datasets for trends.  Are the class-actions moving downstream to smaller plans?  Are pension advisers increasingly being named as defendants?  Some clues can be found comparing 2016 to 2021 filings, but there are no easy answers.  Eight of the 52 cases filed in 2016 remain pending.  One is on appeal to the Supreme Court with roughly a dozen pending cases put on hold by district judges awaiting this widely anticipated decision that may result in a tougher pleading standard for plaintiffs going forward and a clearer resolution to the question of whether the use of higher share classes of the same fund is imprudent.  Although only a handful of the 2016 complaints have resulted in bench trials, and only two Supreme Court decisions impacting the fiduciary standard since 2015, there are many ‘clues’ coming out of non-financial settlement conditions and other filings from the 2016 class-actions that should help ERISA fiduciaries – including their advisors -- better understand how to improve their own fiduciary decisions, including monitoring processes.

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Respect: The Ascendancy of Millennials & How the Future of Finance is More Female

Steven Chiavarone, CFA, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Equity Strategist, and Head of Multi-Asset Solutions at Federated Hermes

November 11, 2021

Join us for a session discussing the rise of the millennial generation. You’ll get a better understanding of who the millennial generation is and what they are focused on, their impact on economic markets, as well as the key role millennial women play in both the economy and financial industry.

Topics will include:

Millennial impact on driving a secular bull market

When the millennial focus on saving for the future will peak

Female millennials, their needs, and key areas where they are likely looking for financial help

Traits millennials look for in a financial advisor and the tools and services they value

Importance of incorporating ESG investing to attract millennial investors

How to reach high net worth millennials

Attractive investment vehicle options and how stock prices are a function of millennial fundamentals and the buy/sell decisions of market participants

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Yes, You Should Consider Commodities In A Retirement Plan

Brad Klein, Co-Founder CoreCommodity Management

Bob Hyman, Portfolio Manager, CoreCommodity Management

Matt Rutig, Division Director-Product Manager

November 04, 2021

A series of phenomena that have historically preceded commodity price appreciation may be pointing to the beginning of a multiyear structural bull market. If you’re thinking about the potential impact on rising inflation on your clients’ portfolios and a weaker US dollar among other factors, you may be interested in a broad-based commodities exposure.

In this webinar, CoreCommodity Management, LLC Co-Founder, Brad Klein, Portfolio Manager, Bob Hyman and Division Director-Product Manager, Matt Rutig discuss:

Inflation on the move

Tight supplies for most major natural resources

New era of commodity-intensive government spending

Renewed focus on infrastructure spending

Resurgence in Chinese demand

Uniform momentum across all commodity sectors

US dollar entering new cyclical bear market

Protecting retirement assets against inflation - Implementation, what to look for and what to look out for

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