Top Quartile Report

Each quarter our Data and Analytics team scrutinizes tens of thousands of investments using the Fi360 Fiduciary Score® to understand their peer percentile ranking. The Fiduciary Score evaluates these investments across a spectrum of nine quantitative data points to determine if it meets a minimum fiduciary standard of care. 

Investment selection and monitoring is an important fiduciary responsibility (Practice 4.1), and the Fi360 Fiduciary Score was designed to help the marketplace understand if funds are performing well from a fiduciary perspective. 

Q4 2023 Top Quartile Report

More than 29,000 investments were assessed and 18 percent achieved the highest mark, passing the scrutiny of nine rigorous filters.

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White Paper

Fiduciary Conduct and Your Reputation
What's Trust Worth As An Investment Advisor? 

Written by Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFA, CFP®
Founder and Principal
Fiduciary Insights, LLC

About this white paper:

This white paper covers four key points an investment advisor should consider when building and protecting a great reputation. 

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Achieving Fiduciary Excellence
Data and insights into advisory firms that adhere to a framework of fiduciary best practices.

About this report:

Certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX®) is the gold standard for a firm to signify adherence to fiduciary best practices.

This report summarizes data from the annual assessment of CEFEX®- certified advisory firms. You'll find detailed insight into the prudent practices, policies, and procedures that guide every aspect of the advisor-client relationship, as well as the operational strategies that drive lasting success.

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