Fiduciary Conduct and Your Reputation: 
What's Trust Worth As An Investment Advisor? 

Written by Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFA, CFP®, Founder and Principal
Fiduciary Insights, LLC

About this paper:

A company’s (or a person’s) reputation is a measure of how others perceive their quality and character. It is the consensus opinion of whether that company can be trusted. Investment advisors must be perceived as trustworthy. Without trust, there is no basis for an advisory relationship and the business cannot exist. 

This white paper for investment advisors covers four key points.

  1. Reputation is an advisor’s most valuable asset.
  2. Your business success is largely a matter of intentionally building, protecting and promoting your reputation.
  3. There are specific factors, grounded in fiduciary principles, that advisors can manage to build a great reputation.
  4. By building a great reputation, you benefit your business, the profession and your clients.
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