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Mario Giganti of Cornerstone Capital Advisors + Fi360

Posted by Fi360 on July 19, 2019

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“That’s where I believe Fi360 has been transformational. Its impact on other advisors and the fiduciary industry and most importantly the retirement plan industry has been most profound.”

It's quite possible that Mario Giganti, CPA, CFP®, AIFA®, president and senior advisor at Cornerstone Capital Advisors, is one of Fi360's original super fiduciaries. He and his team have been using the Fi360 Toolkit™ from the jump. Mario has never missed an Fi360 Conference. And it just so happens he is one of our adjuct faculty for the AIF® Designation Training program

Learn how Mario and his team use Fi360's education and software to pursue fiduciary excellence on behalf of their clients. 

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