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Fiduciary Links: What investors need to know about rollovers

Posted by fi360 Team on January 27, 2014

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>>>FINRA released an investor alert late last week with a top 10 list of considerations when rolling over an account into an IRA. Included in the list are tips for considering tax implications, to understand fully the fees associated (be wary of the "free" claims!), and to make decisions within the context of ensuring the best retirement saving outcome. It's a link worth sharing with any clients or prospect who may be considering a rollover. 

For advisors, if you're unsure of what you can and can't do with IRA rollovers, or worried at all about the fiduciary implications, we have a Fred Reish-led session on our agenda on this very topic. Another great reason to attend fi360's INSIGHTS 2014. 

Check out of our full agenda here and come register!

Now on to the rest of the week’s best links:

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