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Fiduciary Links: When clients set their own priorities, they are more likely to act

Posted by fi360 Team on October 07, 2013

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>>>Michael Kitces has a great post out this morning about helping your clients set priorities as a method for actually getting them to act. The idea comes from the behavioral issues of clients being overwhelmed by choices and ignoring recommendations that come from the advisor. Kitces points to research and suggests a process that engages the client in self-prioritizing, physically writing out steps themselves, and taking ownership of their “to-do” list as a method of incrementally working through the totality of the necessary action items. In short, if the reality is that clients either can’t or won’t do everything at once, you need to do whatever is necessary to guide them through one step at a time.     

>>>>Of course, the big news nationally was the government shutdown. So here is your obligatory roundup of how the shutdown is affecting advisors, investors, and related government agencies:

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