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Fiduciary Links: Announcing the fi360 Article Competition, and the Fiduciary Survey

Posted by on March 04, 2013

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>>> Each year, we hold an article competition to give our more than 6,000 AIF and AIFA Designees an opportunity to showcase their position as thought leaders on the fiduciary issues facing investment advisors and financial service providers today. Designees submit their original articles that help fiduciaries better understand and perform their roles and fi360 publishes the articles on our website. In addition, the winning author receives a $1,000 prize and has his or her article published by our competition’s media partner, AdvisorOne.

The articles can be on a wide range of topics, from the very broad and universally applicable, to very niche areas of practice. The past winning articles have addressed using actuarial methods of implementing fiduciary best practices to improve participant outcomes, the fiduciary benefit of multiple employer plans, evaluating whether it makes sense to do a Roth IRA conversion, and the fiduciary implications of managing structured settlements.

To learn more about our article competition, view the more than 50 entries we’ve received from the previous four contests. For instructions on how to submit your article, visit the Article Competition home on our website. We’ll be posting all accepted entries as they come in. The winning article will be announced at the 2013 fi360 Conference in April and published by AdvisorOne later this year.

>>>If you haven’t done so already, make sure you take a few minutes to complete the fi360-AdvisorOne Fiduciary Survey. This is our third year conducting the survey of investment advisors to measure attitudes and understanding regarding the fiduciary standard and how those feelings are evolving over time. The more responses we receive, the more useful the results. Additional details can be found on our website.

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