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Fi360 and American Funds Establish Integration Relationship
Integration allows advisors to access client data from within the Fi360 Toolkit

Posted by Fi360 on February 16, 2017

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The Fi360 Toolkit is now integrated with American Funds recordkeeping business. The integration allows advisors to access client data in their Fi360 Toolkit, further enabling them to streamline their business processes.

"We are pleased to partner with American Funds, which is our largest record-keeper integration to date", said Fi360 CEO William Mueller. "Providing direct access to client data from within Toolkit allows our customers to spend less time on manual processes and more time with their clients, a goal that both our companies share."

The Fi360 Toolkit web-based software provides research, analytical and reporting services for all client types, including high net worth individuals and families' endowments, trusts, plan sponsors, etc. Whether you're selecting new funds, monitoring an existing line up, or building client-friendly reports, the Fi360 Toolkit can help optimize and solidify your investment management process so you can spend more time winning new business.

The integration will now allow Fi360 Toolkit customers to perform the following functions:

  • Access critical client data such as account information, balances, positions and history
  • Leverage client data to cut the time it takes to add and update client investments for review, flag investments on a watch list, and review and comment on watch list investments

Learn more about Fi360's Toolkit integrations.

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