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Are Consumers Blind to your Digital Banner?

Posted by Renee Watkins, Digital Marketing Manager, fi360 on February 02, 2016

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Are consumers blind to your digital banner ads?

Every day, consumers are bombarded with banner display advertisements.  In fact, the average internet user is exposed to 1,707 banner ads on a monthly basis!  This has resulted in a phenomenon called, “banner blindness” which is defined as when consumers either consciously or subconsciously ignore the majority of banner display ads they encounter.  86% of consumers today suffer from banner blindness.  This phenomenon has caused to average click rate of a banner ad to drop to a mere .11%.

However, despite these dismal numbers, banner display ads still play a very crucial role in today’s marketing efforts.  So what is a marketer to do?

Below are a few ways you can give your banner ads the best chance of engaging consumers:

  • Develop goals before brainstorming the goals of the ad.  For example, brands looking to boost engagement metrics should leverage interactive, rich-media ads, while brands looking to convert consumers should leverage retargeting ads.
  • Keep it simple. Cluttered designs tend to underperform.  Headline copy concise and benefit-oriented to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Give value to your call-to-actions. Avoid the standard “Click Here” call-to-action and swap it out for something that invokes a stronger emotional response from the user such as “Download the report”” or “Get Coupon.”
  • Validate authority and brand awareness by placing your logo on the ad. However, a recent Rocket Fuel study revealed that digital ads with logos in the lower left-hand corner averaged 81% higher than ads with logos in other locations.

  • Maintain campaign cohesiveness.  This includes color combinations, font, and layout.  Ads should have a synergistic connection across a multi-channel campaign.

Of course, like any other marketing channel out there, there isn’t a “single recipe for success.”  So it’s important to A/B test your digital ads, compare your results, and go with what is working best for you.

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