The Operational, Fiduciary, and Cost Implications of Partnering with a TAMP

Brian Huckstep, CIO & Co-Founder, Advyzon Investment Management

Meghan Holmes, COO & Co-Founder, Advyzon Investment Management

April 28, 2022

Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMP's) have become increaingly more popular over the last twenty years. Our webinar will help attendees understand the ways that outsourcing some investment management and trading aspects of your practice to a TAMP can help save time, reduce cost, reduce trading errors, improve investment performance, improve your employee and end client experience, and offload fiduciary duty related to investment management.

We will discuss how advisors might select which accounts to continue investing and trading themselves and which to outsource to a TAMP, the types of strategies that TAMPs offer, and how using a TAMP partner can enhance succession planning.