The HSA Opportunity for Retirement Advisors

Presenter: Pat Jarrett, co-founder and ambassador of Health Savings Administrators
Moderator: Blaine Aikin, executive director of Fi360

August 29, 2017

As high deductible health plans have become increasingly common as an employer-provided benefit, so have health savings accounts as a tax-advantaged savings option for plan participants. For retirement plan advisors, this presents an opportunity to expand your plan services.

In this session, we look at that growing opportunity to incorporate HSA services into your overall plan service offerings. We also provide an overview of what advisors need to understand and recognize about the various types of HSA solutions that are available. Finally, we will describe the fiduciary obligations associated with recommending HSAs to clients, including meeting impartial conduct standards under the Department of Labor’s new Conflicts of Interest Rule (aka, the Fiduciary Rule).