The Growing Appeal of CITs in Retirement Plans

Aron Szapiro, Director of Policy Research, Morningstar
Lucian Marinescu, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Morningstar 

July 22, 2020

In recent years, we’ve seen collective investment trusts (CITs) steadily increase their market share due to lower fees and generally lower costs when compared to mutual funds. New legislation may soon allow for CITs to become available to 403(b) plans, which would potentially aid in their continued growth. With this in mind, plan sponsors must consider the unique needs of their participants when selecting a glide path. In this webinar, we will discuss:
•    An overview of the proposed bill allowing 403(b) plans to invest in CITs
•    Target-date performance throughout the Coronavirus pandemic
•    How to select an appropriate glide path 
•    The value of incorporating plan demographic data into the selection process

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