The Fiscal Cliff and what advisors need to know

Ron Rhoades, Program Chair at Alfred State College Financial Planning Program. Moderated by Kathy Stewart of fi360.

September 26, 2012

The looming "Fiscal Cliff" has investors and advisors on edge. While Congress may act before the end of year to extend many of the expiring provisions, the underlying tax issues aren’t going away and will have to be dealt with eventually. Join us for a discussion of the fiscal cliff, tax reform, and how they affect you and your clients, including the following topics:

  • The fiduciary context for planning
  • Explaining the fiscal cliff and the major provisions driving it, including tax brackets, various credits, alternative minimum tax, estate taxes, capital gains, and dividends, and more
  •  What could change with tax reform
  •  How the coming Presidential election could affect what happens next
  • Strategies you can employ now and how to deal with clients who may be contemplating action in the near term