Respect: The Ascendancy of Millennials & How the Future of Finance is More Female

Steven Chiavarone, CFA, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Equity Strategist, and Head of Multi-Asset Solutions at Federated Hermes

November 11, 2021

Join us for a session discussing the rise of the millennial generation. You’ll get a better understanding of who the millennial generation is and what they are focused on, their impact on economic markets, as well as the key role millennial women play in both the economy and financial industry.

Topics will include:

Millennial impact on driving a secular bull market

When the millennial focus on saving for the future will peak

Female millennials, their needs, and key areas where they are likely looking for financial help

Traits millennials look for in a financial advisor and the tools and services they value

Importance of incorporating ESG investing to attract millennial investors

How to reach high net worth millennials

Attractive investment vehicle options and how stock prices are a function of millennial fundamentals and the buy/sell decisions of market participants

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