Next Gen QDIAs – CITs, Models, Managed Accounts, and Other Customized Solutions

Vern Cushenbery, Founder, GoalPath Solutions, LLC

Greg Ash, ERISA Attorney, Spencer Fane

Kenneth J. Munro, National Sales Director, Empower

Toby Cromwell, Director, CIT Product Solutions, Broadridge

July 14, 2022

Though available for over a decade in a variety of forms customized QDIA solutions have been costly and time-consuming for the average advisor to implement. That is changing quickly allowing for even small plans to benefit from broad-scale customization. CITs for example which historically were used in only billion-dollar plans are today in over 75% of plans and for good reason. Listen in as we discuss what plan fiduciaries need to be thinking through to accommodate customized solutions including CITs, unitized models, and managed accounts.