Is the Fiduciary Standard Being Dismembered or Strengthened?

Blaine Aikin, Executive Chairman, Fi360 and CEFEX

Duane Thompson, Senior Policy Analyst, Fi360

May 17, 2018

Join Fi360’s Blaine Aikin and Duane Thompson as they review the latest developments in the battle over the fiduciary standard for investment advice. They will examine the latest efforts by the Department of Labor and SEC as these agencies continue to review potential changes to the fiduciary standard under securities laws and ERISA. Recent court decisions by the Fifth and Tenth Circuits, examination and enforcement activities by the SEC, and a growing interest by the states in protecting their constituents from conflicted investment advice are also examined. Will efforts at harmonizing rules across regulatory silos, including pending state insurance requirements for annuity transactions, really work? Will industry players already prepared for compliance with the DOL rule continue with best practices even if the fiduciary rule is overturned? Is ESG investing playing an increasingly important and accepted role as part of an advisor’s prudent practices? Aikin and Thompson will tackle these questions and many others in what is shaping up to be a watershed year for the fiduciary standard.