How to Build Portfolios using ETFs and Index Products

Dr. Vinay Nair, Founder and Chairman, 55ip
Wesley Graves, SVP Sales, 55ip
John Faustino, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Fi360

June 13, 2018

Today, there are more indices than stocks. This is both good and bad news. Investors can access many exposures and build diversified portfolios and not solely rely on active managers that have disappointed and charge high fees. The bad news is the quality and practical aspects of building an investment strategy using ETFs and other indices are only beginning to be well understood.  For example, without easy access to leading science and portfolio construction capabilities, many advisors are leaving money on the table. Too many advisors today offer static investment model for what appears to be a low cost until market conditions suddenly shift, and the real costs are anything but low. Client outcomes are weighed down by the “frictions” that get in the way of client outcomes, including hidden fees, inefficient tax management and especially extreme losses.

Now, there are new ways to manage a modern portfolio. This webinar provides valuable information on how to manage fees, taxes and risk in changing markets and touch on the technology developments that is allowing advisors to benefit from this.