How Annuities Can Fit into a Fiduciary’s Planning Process

Tamiko Toland, Director, Retirement Markets, Cannex USA
Michelle Richter, Principal of Fiduciary Insurance Services
Sheryl O’Connor, Founder & CEO, WealthConductor
Philip Lubinski, CFP®, Founder & Retirement Specialist, WealthConductor

March 18, 2021

New interest in advising clients on the implementation of annuities by fiduciaries comes from changes in a combination of realms: regulatory, technological, consumer perception and product development. This trend will only continue, fueled by the impending retirement of waves of Baby Boomers. These retirees are concerned that their savings may not be enough to meet their income needs throughout retirement given increased longevity and healthcare expenses, along with the associated inflation adjustments. This is driving the dramatic growth in products and services designed to optimize and protect income, as opposed to a strict focus on accumulation. How can investment fiduciaries adapt to properly consider all available asset/product classes for their clients?

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