Demystifying Governance in your Practice

Blaine F. Aikin, CFA, CFP®, AIFA®, Founder and Principal, Fiduciary Insights, LLC

Bonnie Treichel, JD, Chief Solutions Officer, Endeavor Retirement

January 27, 2022

Investment advisors need to do it all to support their plan sponsor clients to compete in today’s market – way beyond investments – which unfortunately can lead to poor service, risk of liability and, ultimately, loss of business. By building a framework for your retirement plan governance, you will be able to streamline your practice management while simultaneously providing higher quality, compliant service to your plan sponsor clients and participants. This webinar will help attendees understand that governance goes beyond an investment policy statement and extends most effectively throughout the plan’s day-to-day workflow and processes to lead to compliant plans providing the most effective benefits structure for participants. 

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