Building The Retirement Tier

Rick Fulford, Executive Vice President and head of U.S. defined fontribution, PIMCO

Steve Sapra, Executive Vice President on the client solutions and analytics team, PIMCO

August 12, 2020

PIMCO will review the different considerations an individual will face when it comes to financial planning in retirement. During the decumulation phase, one must consider social security, annuity, asset allocation and withdrawal considerations that are all interconnected. PIMCO will help guide attendees through this paradigm and offer potential solutions for advisors to consider for their clients. The Retirement Tier is a range of products, solutions, tools and services, which allows a DC plan sponsor to support participants who are near, entering, or in retirement. This webinar will educate advisors on the most optimal way to approach retirement income combining an income based focus with an appropriate level of volatility. We will analyze the current options in DC lineups and discuss a way to redesign investment solutions to focus on those participants who are at or near retirement clients.

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