Benchmarking & Demonstrating Value in the Age of Reasonableness

Co-presenters for this webinar are Rich Lynch, President of fi360 and Matt Burt, Research Analyst for Ann Schleck & Co. 

December 11, 2013

For plan advisors and service providers, the environment created by new 408(b)(2) regulations has created new challenges.  Plan sponsors are in a better position than ever before to carefully scrutinize all plan fees and services as a result of more uniform reporting requirements.  Given the larger focus on fairness and transparency in the marketplace and the more level playing field created by regulation, how can you as an advisor demonstrate the unique value you bring to a plan? 

In this session, we will first provide an overview of the 408(b)(2) disclosure requirements and a primer on the concept of “reasonableness.” We will then take a look at recent advisor fee and service trends, how advisors can communicate the value they deliver to clients, and how benchmarking can help demonstrate “reasonableness”.