An Introduction to the Fiduciary Standard and Fiduciary Principles

Rich Lynch, AIFA®, Director, Fi360 & CEFEX

July 18, 2018

“Fiduciary” as a concept is relatively straightforward. It requires acting in good faith and to the best of your abilities when entrusted to make decisions on behalf of someone else. The realities of operating under a statutory definition of investment fiduciary responsibility are considerably more complex.

This webinar provides an overview of key concepts related to investment fiduciary responsibility. We cover who is considered a fiduciary, the core duties for acting as a fiduciary, and the current state of the fiduciary standard under various oversight regimes. We explain how a focus on meeting basic fiduciary principles allows advisors to focus more on their clients, rather than compliance. This session is appropriate as both an introduction to fiduciary principles for those who are inexperienced with acting as a fiduciary and as a refresher for experienced advisors who have fiduciary training and a track record of supporting fiduciary clients.