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Orlando’s Outlook: Mid Term Elections

Phil Orlando
Chief Equity Market Strategist, Head of Client Portfolio Management, Senior Vice President
Federated Hermes

November 10, 2022

This year has been challenging for investors. The question is, will it get better? With a critical election offering two very different paths forward.  How will voters weigh their choices at the polls, how will the economy rebound, and how should investors position themselves?  Don’t miss the always highly rated Phil Orlando, as he shares his candid views on the intertwined nature of politics, economics and the financial markets.

Digital Assets 101 – Developing a Foundational Understanding

Mike Tropeano, CFA, AIF®
Senior Director, Engagement Manager

October 05, 2022

The landscape for digital assets is under constant change, making it difficult for many to keep up with the pace of disruption. Developing a basic understanding of today’s market and what is coming next is critical. In this session, we discuss the fundamentals of digital assets and what advisors need to know to begin their digital asset journey. Digital assets are the future of wealth management and it is important that advisors know where to start.


Navigating the Politics of ESG

Mary Green
ESG Client Portfolio Manager, Vice President
Federated Hermes


Kary A. Moore
Senior Corporate Counsel, Senior Vice President
Federated Hermes

September 22, 2022

ESG has become a polarizing topic amidst shifting regulatory winds. Political association and uncertainty can often overshadow some of the core pillars of responsible investing. The nuances of ESG investing can be difficult to convey and its politicization has added to the challenge of ESG-related discussions. In this session, learn how to take the politics out of ESG and to reframe the conversation so that critics, enthusiasts and every stakeholder in-between can have informed and productive discussions.


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