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Our products support a better investment decision-making process

We offer solutions for all types of investment fiduciaries as well as non-fiduciary service providers who are involved in the investment decision-making process. Our products are available at both the retail and enterprise level and are highly customizable and scalable for different types of clients. 



Educational programs covering various aspects of fiduciary standards of care. We offer training that leads to the AIF® and AIFA® professional designations, fundamental training for the various fiduciary roles, continuing education programs, and more. Our programs are available both online and in classroom settings. We also offer private training events for corporate customers. Learn More


Research, analytical, and reporting services. We offer the Fi360 Toolkits online software, the Fi360 Fiduciary Score®, data licensing and custom reporting options. Learn More


We are the home of the AIF® and AIFA® professional designations. The AIF® Designation signifies that the holder has a thorough knowledge of the fiduciary standard of care. AIFA® Designees are qualified to perform fiduciary assessments on fiduciary entities. Once an individual has become a designee, we provide ongoing support, including continuing education, marketing assistance, and  special opportunities with select service providers. Learn More

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