Elegant Reporting

Save time with our interactive and, dare we say, beautiful monitoring reports. We understand that some client meetings can get into the details while others stick to the highlights. Based on your custom due-diligence criteria, this tool gives you the power to tailor your reporting to accommodate both scenarios.

Reduce the time it takes to produce client monitoring reports with custodian and recordkeeper integrations

Our integration partnerships make it easy to load your retirement plans and individual clients into the toolkit. Once loaded, we will automatically update their holdings for you on a regular basis to ensure timely and accurate client monitoring reports.

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Conduct more engaging and impactful client meetings

Your monitoring reports are designed with the flow of your client meetings in mind. They are streamlined to focus on those areas that need action while still providing detailed information when the client wants it. The reports decode your due diligence process with engaging visuals that will resonate with clients. Your meetings will be more productive and your clients will feel better informed.

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Utilize the interactive monitoring report which is ideal for online
meetings or when you can present on a client’s monitor or TV screen.

A beautiful PDF version is always available for both historical
documentation and traditional paper-based reviews.

Ensure proper documentation by tracking completed monitoring reviews

Every client’s monitoring report is automatically produced for you at the start of each quarter. It will be available for review and updates as needed before you save a final client deliverable. After your meeting, you can document any action items and archive the report for future needs.

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  • Any incomplete monitoring reports will show as alerts on your dashboard
  • All client deliverables will be archived and accessible should you need them

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