Win and Retain More Business

Fi360 is dedicated to helping you win new clients while better supporting and retaining the business you already have. You can quickly generate professional reports that will resonate with clients and prospects alike.

Win new business using the Fi360 Fiduciary Score®

Generate investment proposals that prospects will understand with the backing of the third-party validated Fiduciary Score® advisors trust. Your prospects will see a concise comparison of their investments allowing you to effectively discuss your proposed changes.

Benchmark your investment models using an independent, client-friendly report

Analyze the models offered in a 401k plan or used in your advisory practice. Generate a hypothetical report using a model’s current allocation or upload allocation history for a more complete picture.

Conduct more engaging and impactful client meetings

Your monitoring reports are designed with the flow of your client meetings in mind. They are streamlined to focus on those areas that need action while still providing detailed information when the client wants it. The reports decode your due diligence process with engaging visuals that will resonate with clients. Your meetings will be more productive and your clients will feel better informed.

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Utilize the interactive monitoring report which is ideal for online
meetings or when you can present on a client’s monitor or TV screen.

A beautiful PDF version is always available for both historical
documentation and traditional paper-based reviews.

Clearly explain the costs your client is paying for the services they are receiving

Document all service provider costs and services (including revenue sharing) to provide a clear, simple illustration that your clients will understand.

Justify your advisory fees and services with Fee Benchmarker®

In an ever-transparent marketplace, clients and prospects expect you to articulate how your fees and services compare to other advisors.
The Fee Benchmarker® unlocks access to a unique and highly regarded database of retirement specialist advisors’ fees and services and provides you with a plan sponsor ready report.

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All historical fee benchmark reports are saved for easy retrieval and ongoing updates.

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