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AIF Designation Training

differentiate yourself from your competition

Advisors who have earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation are able to immediately show that they are interested in and working towards the best interests of their clients. They have gone through training, met the qualifications, and passed exams allowing use of the AIF designation.

The mark coupled with the knowledge and processes taught in the course make it easy for an advisor to quickly show the added value they bring to prospective and existing clients.


What You Will Get Out of the Course


  • Become an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) designee
  • Have a sound investment management process grounded in industry best practices
  • Absorb the Fiduciary Prudent Practices and how to apply them
  • Understand the basis for, and benefits of, fiduciary standards of excellence
  • Identify when an individual or organization may be deemed to have fiduciary status
  • Identify the legal standards that require fiduciaries to prudently manage investment decisions


Classroom and Online Course

Online education coupled with face-to-face instruction to further master the material. Learn more

Upcoming Classes:

Price: $1950

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Online Only Course

Online education format which offers great flexibility and minimal out-of-office time. 90 days are given to complete the program. Learn more

Price: $1450

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