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Fi360 news

  • June 09, 2017

    Despite a delay and speculation around outright repeal, the DOL’s fiduciary rule becomes applicable today. Here’s how the industry is reacting. READ MORE

  • June 08, 2017

    The regulation will trigger a fiduciary acknowledgement from advisers. But, strangely, it's not a disclosure mandated by the rule itself READ MORE

  • June 08, 2017

    The fact that the impartial conduct standards are the sole requirement of BICE during the transition period speaks volumes to their importance to retirement advisers READ MORE

  • May 22, 2017

    News coverage at the 2017 Fi360 Conference from outlets including InvestmentNews, Financial Planning, 401(k) Specialist and RIABIz. READ MORE

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From our Blog

  • May 15, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 48: Health Savings Accounts in the Fiduciary Process READ

  • May 09, 2017

    The June 9 Fiduciary Deadline and Key Issues for Broker-Dealers READ

  • March 31, 2017

    Filling the Void in Guaranteed Retirement Income READ

  • March 17, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 47: Filling the void in guaranteed retirement income READ

  • March 08, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 46: Fiduciary duties of elected officials READ

  • February 16, 2017

    Fi360 and American Funds Establish Integration Relationship
    Integration allows advisors to access client data from within the Fi360 Toolkit READ

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