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Fi360 will be in Boston on Aug. 17 & Santa Monica on Aug. 22.

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Fi360 news

  • July 19, 2017

    Clean shares of mutual funds, the investment innovation designed to allow brokers and advisors to serve as level fee fiduciaries under the Labor Department’s conflict-of-interest rule, are expected to revolutionize how financial professionals are compensated and how their clients pay for services. READ MORE

  • July 18, 2017

    Fi360, the nation’s leading provider of fiduciary-related education and tools, announces today the hiring of technical specialist Steve Engelhardt, CFA, as its chief data officer, a new role at the company. READ MORE

  • June 27, 2017

    If Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton has his way, registered investment advisers will see more oversight from auditors next year. READ MORE

  • June 23, 2017

    The SEC budget request for 2018 projects 1,044 full-time OCIE employees, down from 1,069 in fiscal 2017 READ MORE

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From our Blog

  • July 17, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 51: Regulatory Interplay READ

  • July 17, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 50: SEC Enters Fiduciary Rule Discussion READ

  • July 17, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 49: Moving Forward with Impartial Conduct Standards READ

  • May 15, 2017

    Fi360 Fiduciary Talk 48: Health Savings Accounts in the Fiduciary Process READ

  • May 09, 2017

    The June 9 Fiduciary Deadline and Key Issues for Broker-Dealers READ

  • March 31, 2017

    Filling the Void in Guaranteed Retirement Income READ

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