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About fi360

fi360 helps its clients gather, grow, and protect assets through better investment and business decision-making. Since 1999, fi360 has been providing innovative solutions to financial services providers, including the AIF® and AIFA® designation programs, the fi360 Toolkit™ software, and fi360 Fiduciary Score®.

With extensive education, certification, software, and practice management offerings, fi360 is a one-stop shop equipped to provide individuals and organizations with the training, tools, and resources necessary to become more successful. 

Our vision: All investors’ wealth and retirement accounts managed with a fiduciary standard of care.

Our mission: To help financial intermediaries use prudent fiduciary practices to profitably gather, grow, and protect investors’ assets.

Our values: fi360 believes that, as individuals and collectively as an organization, we must demonstrate the following values in our actions:

  • Responsibility – We are obligated to our clients, our co-workers, our shareholders, the community, and society.
  • Excellence – Give our best effort and never compromise fiduciary aspects of the quality of all of our products - excellence in product and service delivery. 
  • Integrity – Be honest, fair, and accountable.
  • Client service – Exceed the expectations of those we serve. 
  • Collaboration – Our collective achievements exceed the sum of our individual efforts. 
  • Knowledge – Seek continual improvement and professional development.
  • Security – reliability/dependability
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