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About fi360

Since 1999, fi360 has been supporting a more prudent investment decision-making process by offering world-class Training, Tools, and Resources for investment fiduciaries and other financial services providers.

Our solutions include fiduciary education; professional designations and support; and analytical, reporting, and client management technology, which are all built to support the Prudent Practices that define a Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. 

Our vision: fi360 will be the global leader in promoting fiduciary excellence. We strive to deliver the world’s best training, tools, and resources for investment fiduciaries and other financial service providers. 

Our mission: fi360 promotes a culture of investment fiduciary responsibility through education, technology, knowledge, support, and leadership to improve fiduciary decision-making.

Our values: fi360 believes that, as individuals and collectively as an organization, we must demonstrate the following values in our actions:

  • Responsibility – We are obligated to our clients, our co-workers, our shareholders, the community, and society.
  • Integrity – Be honest, fair, and accountable.
  • Client service – Exceed expectations and satisfy the needs of those we serve. 
  • Collaboration – Our collective achievements exceed the sum of our individual efforts. 
  • Excellence – Give our best effort and never compromise the quality of our output. 
  • Education – Seek opportunities for continual improvement and professional development.
  • Pride – Be an advocate for fi360, our mission, our products and services, our people, and in the potential for a trustworthy fiduciary community.

For more information, download the following information sheets:

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