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Fiduciary Essentials for DC Plans

Reduce Fiduciary Risk

Many 401(k) plan fiduciaries are unaware of their legal duties and responsibilities when it comes to managing investment decisions on behalf of others, let alone educated on how to fulfill those duties to the standard of care required by law.

Fiduciary Essentials® for DC Plans instructs those fiduciaries and others involved in the investment process on how they can improve their fiduciary decision-making and minimize liability. It consists of a series of learning modules focused on financial, administrative, and investment issues affecting plan stewards. For advisors, Essentials training is a great value add to your services. 


MANAGE plan responsibility

Fiduciary Essentials for DC Plans provides plan decision-makers with unique, comprehensive knowledge to:

  • Understand their role as an investment steward
  • Select and work with qualified advisors and plan service providers
  • Recognize and manage risk and personal liability
  • Make better decisions on behalf of the plan



The online version of this course is provided through Fi360's learning managment system (LMS). The material can be covered at your own pace and stopped and started at your convenience.

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