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Advisor Practice Management Training Private Events

Institutionally Sponsored Training Program for Advisors

What is it?
  • Comprehensive training programs for retirement-focused advisors delivered in small groups, regional workshops and national meeting venues
  • Program topics include ideas to drive sales, develop marketing strategies, retain clients and manage profitable and efficient advisory practices
  • Interactive programs are offered in one-hour, half-day and full-day formats
  • Sponsors can also offer private events for the Professional Plan Consultant® (PPC®) designation training, which helps advisors understand the basics of running an effective and successful retirement practice

Who Participates?

Typical session ranges between 20 to 50 participants depending on the venue, topics and format selected for the program. Programs can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of retirement industry experience from entry-level to advanced.


  • Offer a value-add training service for advisors to build stronger relationships
  • Help advisors grow their businesses and/or mitigate risk
  • Support advisors’ need to meet industry continuing education requirements
  • Promote your commitment to prudent practices that define a fiduciary standard of excellence
  • Partner with Fi360, the leader in fiduciary training solutions


For More Information: Contact Matt Burt

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