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Toolkit for Service Providers

The Fi360 Toolkit for Service Providers is for those firms who do not directly manage client assets, but support and provide services to those who do.  Two primary examples include mutual fund companies and recordkeepers.

Many of the features and reports within the Toolkit for Service Providers match those found within the Toolkit for Advisors, with the following exceptions:

Allowed Distribution and Use
The allowed use and distribution is significantly different under the service provider model.  Under the service provider model, institutions are licensed using four main components.

  • How many individuals need a direct login to the application?
  • How many other individuals may request, use, distribute or otherwise benefit from the reports and analysis produced by the individuals with direct logins?
    • For mutual fund companies, this typically represents the number of internal and external wholesalers who don’t have direct logins.
  • Do you plan to distribute the reports to investment professionals outside of your firm?
  • Do you plan to distribute reports directly to the end client/plan?

Feature Set
The following Toolkit for Advisors features are not present in the Toolkit for Service Providers:

  • Investment Policy Statement Word and PDF output
  • XLS Data Export
  • Watch List Management Back Office

The following features are only available in the Toolkit for Service Providers.

  • Advisor Directory

If you are interested in the Toolkit for Service Providers, please contact or call 1-866-390-5080.

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