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Toolkit for Advisors

why are advisors using the Fi360 Toolkit™?

Increase home office efficiency with a repeatable investment monitoring process

The Fi360 Toolkit™ simplifies your processes to meet industry best practices and fiduciary principles. It delivers reports that clients will use and understand.  Back office features allow for firm-wide views of investments.

Make winning new business easier

The Fi360 Toolkit generates reports that simply and clearly show prospective clients the difference an advisor using the Toolkit will make. All it takes is a prospect and a proposed investment lineup to create a report.

Evaluate investments quickly with a single number using the Fi360 Fiduciary Score®

The Fi360 Fiduciary Score is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand scoring system for investment selection and monitoring. It’s objective and repeatable, letting you communicate the status of your clients’ investments.

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$2,400/year; monthly data updates and a fee disclosure solution are available for an additional fee. One base license provides one advisor login (client database) and an administrative login. 

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