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Fiduciary Focus Toolkit

Fiduciary Focus Toolkit

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Designed to be advisor enabling and support home-office demands, Fi360’s Fiduciary Focus Toolkit helps advisors Organize, Formalize, Implement, and Monitor a prudent fiduciary process. Further, it helps those in oversight roles ensure advisor activities comply with the company’s prudent practice policies.

Challenges Addressed:

  • Scaling advisor practices through automation of investment policy statement (IPS) creation and plan/account monitoring; ultimately allowing advisors and associated support staff to manage more business with the same headcount.
  • Liability mitigation via defined workflows, standardized IPSs/watch-lists, and documentation of activities and decisions.
  • Improved oversight (advisor and managerial levels) through automation, significantly reducing manual compliance tasks; as well as potentially reducing the need to hire additional resources in lieu of the new
    DOL rule.
  • Business development support from leverage of documented fiduciary practices with new clients.

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