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Fiduciary Essentials for DC Plans (FEDC)


What is FEDC?
Fiduciary Essentials for Defined Contribution Plans is a training course for retirement plan fiduciaries and others involved in the investment process on how they can improve their fiduciary decision-making. The course covers the scope of their responsibilities and what they need to do to fulfill those duties to the standard of care required by law.

Course Details

The course consists of three on-demand learning sessions (or instructor-led sessions) that include either a quiz or talking points between each learning session. At the completion of the training, each person may participate in the FEDC exam that produces a Certificate of Completion with a passing grade.


  1. The Role of a Retirement Plan Steward
  2. Seven Fiduciary Precepts Every Steward Must Know
  3. Applying the Fiduciary Precepts
Benefits to You
  • Differentiate yourself and win new business by providing a unique value add to your services
  • Establish stronger and more trusted relationships with plan fiduciaries
  • Reduce risk through improved fiduciary awareness
  • Retain current business and fight fee compression by adding value
  • Promote your commitment to industry standards and best practices

Stats You Should Know

  • 72% of plan sponsors feel that reviewing fiduciary responsibilities is an important service to receive from their provider1
  • 45% of plan sponsors are not comfortable that all relevant individuals in their organization are aware of their fiduciary status1
  • 37% of plan sponsors, committee members, and administrators stated they do not consider themselves plan fiduciaries1

        1Inside the Minds of Plan Sponsors Survey Report,  Society for Human Resource Management

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