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Fi360 Enhances Technology with Newly Redesigned Fee Benchmarker® Tool

Fi360 News Release
December 11, 2017

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Fi360, the nation’s leading provider of fiduciary-related education and technology, has released an updated version of its Fee Benchmarker® solution to offer its financial advisor users more flexibility and the ability to customize reports. Additionally, for the first time ever, the tool is also fully integrated with Fi360’s Fiduciary Focus Toolkit™, which automates workflow and oversight to ensure fiduciary best practices.  

Retirement plan advisors use Fee Benchmarker to compare and justify fees and services relative to other advisors based on plan size and services offered, which is a key component of sound fiduciary and business development processes, as detailed in Fi360’s Prudent Practices®. The tool was originally launched by Ann Schleck & Co. in 2009, is now fully integrated into the Fi360 technology platform and complements Fi360’s Fiduciary Focus Toolkit and Advisor Oversight applications. Fee Benchmarker is available to institutions and individuals as a stand-alone solution or bundled with the Fiduciary Focus Toolkit enabling advisors to win and retain more business.

In an ever-transparent marketplace, clients and prospects expect advisors to articulate how their fees and services compare to those of other advisors. Fi360’s Fee Benchmarker unlocks access to a unique and highly-regarded database of retirement specialist advisors’ fees and services and now includes more flexibility so advisors can refine comparison groups to include only advisors offering similar services. The tool allows advisors to generate a plan sponsor-ready and data-driven report. Advisors can also add commentary to supplement the report, which has an updated interface and PDF report layout.

Fi360 remains committed to helping financial professionals profitably implement prudent fiduciary practices and is using ongoing technological enhancements as a means of driving advisor growth and success. 

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