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Fiduciary Expert Blaine Aikin Takes Expanded CEFEX Role as Executive Chairman

January 16, 2018

CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, LLC, an Fi360 company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Blaine F. Aikin, AIFA®, CFA, CFP®, as Executive Chairman of the company. In conjunction with this industry leader appointment, CEFEX is enhancing its Investment Advisor certification program.
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The latest in financial adviser #FinTech

January 03, 2018

Welcome to the January 2018 issue of the Latest News in Financial Adviser #FinTech – where we look at the big news, announcements, and underlying trends and developments that are emerging in the world of technology solutions for financial advisers and wealth management!
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Time for SEC to take fiduciary baton from DOL

January 02, 2018

With the core of the DOL fiduciary rule in place and the rest of it delayed for 18 months, can advisers expect all to be quiet on the fiduciary front in 2018? In a word, no. The regulatory baton has been passed from the DOL to the SEC and it's likely we will see an SEC fiduciary rule proposal by midyear, perhaps even in the first quarter.
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DOL Fiduciary Rule Transition Period Extended as the SEC Prepares to Issue Its Own Rule

Fi360 News
December 19, 2017

The DOL has indicated that it is considering one or more new “streamlined” PTEs, without stating what those might be. Based on various comments from the Department, certain types of products that are designed to avoid compensation conflicts and do not pose special risks to investors, such as “clean” mutual fund shares, may be targeted for favorable regulatory treatment under a new streamlined PTE.
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