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AIF Training

Fiduciary Training

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed at an exclusive rate!

Being able to confidently uphold one’s fiduciary responsibility and market fiduciary expertise is critical to stay competitive and compliant in today’s marketplace. Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) Designation training equips investment professionals to easily and effectively implement a prudent investment process for themselves and their clients — a fundamental concept that is vital for every fiduciary to master in order to successfully fulfill their legal responsibilities and demonstrate commitment to acting in the best interests of those they serve.

Advisors who have earned the AIF® designation are able to immediately show that they are interested in and working towards the best interests of their clients. 

The mark coupled with the knowledge and processes taught in the course make it easy for an advisor to quickly show the added value they bring to prospective and existing clients.  The course is offered in a capstone classroom setting as well as a self-paced online setting.

 What you will get out of the course:

  • Apply a sound investment management process grounded in fiduciary best practices
  • Master the Prudent Practices™ for Investment Fiduciaries—a start-to-finished investment process backed by legal substantiation
  • Identify legal standards and learn how to mitigate compliance risk 
  • Earn distinction as a fiduciary specialist
  • Increase your practice efficiency and effectiveness 
  • CE Benefits

Statistics you should know

  1. 71% of advisors report that their education around the fiduciary standard has helped them become better practitioners.1
  2. 60% of advisors report AUM or AUA increasing within a year after receiving the AIF® Designation.1
  3. 50% of 2015 PLANSPONSOR Retirement Advisors of the Year hold the AIF® Designation.2

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1Fi360 proprietary survey, 
22015 Plan Sponsor Retirement Advisors of the Year Finalists

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