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The Fi360 Toolkit

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Fiduciary Technology & Tools

Scale assets with Fi360's investment tools at an exlusive rate!

The Fi360 Toolkit for Advisors is a web-based investment software solution that provides the analytical, management and reporting features needed to manage and document a prudent investment process - one of the cornerstone tenets of fiduciary duty. 

Special Offer
Regular Price: $2,400/year
Fidelity Exclusive Rate: $2,160/year
Savings per year: $240


Why use the Fi360 Toolkit?

Win new business

The Fi360 Toolkit generates reports that are simple and easy to interpret allowing you to communicate to prospective clients in terms they understand.  

Increase efficiency with a repeatable investment monitoring process

The Fi360 Toolkit enables you to build, track and document portfolio decisions over time to help meet industry best practices and fiduciary principles. It allows you to create custom investment policy statements that integrate with reports saving you valuable time and money.

Evaluate investments quickly with a single number using the Fi360 Fiduciary Score®

The Fi360 Fiduciary Score is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand scoring system for investment selection and monitoring. It’s objective and repeatable, letting you communicate the status of your clients’ investments from an independent source.

Save time by utilizing Fi360's integration with major custodians

Fi360’s integration with major custodians allows you to easily manage client accounts and upload data seamlessly. 

What clients are saying:

David Bromelkamp, AIF® of Allodium Investment Consultants, explains how utilizing the Fi360 Toolkit to bring together all the fiduciary best practices to his firm has helped increase his business.

"Our search for a system to help streamline the production of Investment Policy Statements led us to Fi360. The Fi360 Toolkit accomplished the IPS automation and also provides us with a platform to analyze our mutual fund selection, monitor our asset allocation models and retirement plan investment menus and produce client friendly reports backed by sound fiduciary analysis.” Deborah E. Scott, CTFA, CFP®

Study by MacroRisk Analytics concludes 'Green is Good'
The Fi360 Fiduciary Scores for mutual funds were evaluated by MacroRisk Analytics to assess the scores’ efficiency as a screening criterion. We found that the scores are stable over time, have statistically significant content, and are useful as part of a mutual fund portfolio construction process. Read more

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