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Fiduciary Technology & Tools

Fiduciary Technology & Tools

Fi360 Tools are research, analytical, and reporting services built to assist in the delivery of a prudent investment management process. The array of products and services offered under the Tools business line are designed for all types of investment professionals: investment advisors, asset management firm representatives, and service providers. Solutions are available for both individuals and institutions.

The Fi360 Toolkit   Fee Benchmarker®

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Fi360 Toolkit®

The Fi360 Toolkit® is a powerful, web-based software solution that provides the analytical, management, and reporting features needed to help investment professionals manage and document a prudent investment process. The turn-key fiduciary management system is easy to use, easy to replicate, and easy to understand. The Fi360 Toolkit promotes compliance, reducing liability and risk; empowers users with better information, helping to build trust and value; and provides a differentiator that fosters better, stronger client relationships.

Available features and functions include:

  • The well-known and highly-regarded Fi360 Fiduciary Score® analysis
  • Customizable Due Diligence Criteria and watch list management capabilities
  • Flexible and diverse FINRA-reviewed reporting options
  • An Asset Allocation Optimizer that utilizes New Frontier Advisors’ patented Resampled Efficiency™ technique
  • A robust Investment Analyzer that facilitates the search for best-in-class results
  • And much more!

The Fi360 Toolkit® is available with targeted, distinct features and approved applications for the specific needs of both advisors and service providers:

The Fi360 Toolkit® for Advisors is for firms directly responsible for managing client assets, including advisors, brokers, investment consultants and their support staff: relationship managers, client service representatives, administrators and interns.

The Fi360 Toolkit® for Service Providers is for those firms who do not directly manage client assets, but support and provide services to intermediaries, including wholesalers who work with advisors, service desk representatives who work with wholesalers or advisors and wholesalers who work with platforms.

Data License Services

The Fi360 Data License Services provide advisors and institutions with access to the raw data behind Fi360's research and analysis. For advisors, the Data License facilitates the convenient incorporation of data in custom reports and spreadsheets, which can be used for client presentations or further analysis. For institutions, the Data License facilitates the incorporation of Fi360 information in sales and marketing materials and presentations or proprietary products and services (such as software applications) for broad distribution to advisor clients.

Custom Report Services

The Fi360 Custom Report Service is a report design and customization service for asset management firms seeking a way to showcase their funds in a unique way and demonstrate the best underlying aspects of their investment management process. The Custom Report Service will give any asset management firm a distinct advantage over their competition by providing analysis and reporting of their funds through a fiduciary lens. The service is uniquely tailored to fit needs of each specific firm, is flexible, easy to use and easy to implement.

Fee Benchmarker®

Fiduciaries need to understand and ensure reasonableness of all fees paid by the plan. Benchmarking your advisory fees and services using an independent and trusted source can help you meet your fiduciary obligation.

The Fee Benchmarker® is an online tool that compares Advisor / Consultant fees (both commission and fee-for-service) to a database of industry norms for a selected plan size. It's easy to use, and is available on a one-time-use basis or through an annual subscription. In a few simple steps, you receive a comprehensive report comparing your fees to similar retirement practices.

Benchmarking your advisory fees and services means that you can clearly understand the competitiveness of your offer. And, by using an independent source you can feel confident about the value you provide to your clients.

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