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Fi360 Conference

2008 Conference

Keynote Sessions
Merril Hirsh
Duane Thompson
FPA attorney and Managing Director discuss the overturning of the SEC "broker dealer rule" and what can be expected going forward.
Fred Reish, AIFA The regulation that is going to "rock our world"--the impact of the DOL's new 408(b)(2) regulation
Dr. Richard Michaud
Robert Michaud
The Better Mousetrap: Resampled Efficient Frontier™ Optimization
Breakout Sessions
Lou Harvey
Don Trone, AIFA
Qualified Default Investment Alternatives
Clark Blackman
Fred Reish
Utilizing the Prudent Practices to build successful and meaningful relationships with accountants and attorneys
Greg Kasten, AIFA
Robert VandeVrede, AIFA
David Witz, AIFA
Debate on 404(c) concepts and compliance
Rocco DiBruno, AIFA
Monica Garver, AIF
Lauren Lenfest, AIFA
Peter Preovolos, AIFA
The role of the investment committee and what is considered a successful investment committee meeting
Brian Hamburger, AIFA Regulatory Hot Topics
Susan Mangiero, AIFA
Eric Rieder
Nir Yarden
Mock deposition with an ERISA attorney and a hedge fund attorney about investing in hedge funds. You decide who is guilty.
Rich Lynch, AIFA
Dick Smith, AIFA
Integrating SAFEs and CAFEs with investment consulting services
Lou Harvey Fiduciary safe harbors
Fred Reish, AIFA  
Robb Smith, AIFA 403(b) changes and opportunities
Mike Patton Contrasting broker dealers with RIAs
Wayne Miller The evolution of fiduciary standards: from process to thought process
Stuart Ober, AIFA
Jeff Schaff, AIFA
Expert witness series--the written report
Stuart Ober, AIFA
Jeff Schaff, AIFA
Expert witness series--the written report
Tom Schrandt
Gary Sutherland
A practical understanding of fiduciary exposure to investment professionals
Mary Ann Miller, APR
Mike Patton
Neil Anderson
Utilizing the media--how to raise awareness and demonstrate expertise in the fiduciary space
Ron Hagan, AIFA CEFEX has changed the way fiduciaries select providers
Spensar Segal, AIFA Implementing process in your business
Darrin Farrow, AIF Behavioral economics
Brian Hubbell, AIF Fiduciary responsibility surrounding terminal funding of DB plans
Don Rogers
Dave Zellner
Does SRI=Lower Returns....think again! See how the "2004 PLANSPONSOR of the Year" does it
Jim Culbreth
Brian Hubbell
David Witz
Fees and expenses: the transparency debate
Don Rogers
Kenneth Gassman
Roland Oliver
Fiduciary Responsibilities in Managing Investment Advisors...from 3 clients' perspectives
Andy Frommeyer, AIF
Dave Palascak, AIF
Michael Limbacher
Fi360 Tools seminars: basic and advanced demonstrations of our newest technology and most powerful and comprehensive software product, the Platinum Toolkit
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