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Fi360 Conference

2007 Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2007 Fi360 Conference in San Diego!

The below speakers appeared at the 2007 Fi360 Conference. A detailed agenda with slotted dates and times for all conference events can be downloaded here. Most of these sessions were recorded and are available for download by AIF and AIFA designees via the Designee Portal. If you have any questions, please email

Keynote Session
Dr. Robert Kennedy The Importance of Ethics on the Formation of a Profession
Breakout Sessions
Don Trone
Rich Lynch
Blaine Aikin
Welcome to the Fi360 2007 Conference
Bruce Ashton Where We've Been/Where We're Going: ERISA at mid-Decade
Brian Hamburger Maintaining Compliance Amidst Regulatory Chaos
Bruce Ashton
Brian Hamburger
Don Trone
A Conversation With...Don Trone, Bruce Ashton, & Brian Hamburger
Ron Hagan
Dick Smith
Consulting vs. Certification
Tom Grzymala
Stuart Ober
Jeff Schaff
"To Be or Not To Be - An Expert Witness"
Andy Frommeyer
Dave Palascak
Toolkit Workshop
Blaine Aikin
Susan Mangiero
Go-To Guide of Great Information Sources for Fiduciaries
Charles Lowenhaupt High Net Worth
David Benfield
Gary Sutherland
Current Insurance Market/Products and Claim Trends against Fiduciaries
David Vriesenga How Fiduciary Practices can Mitigate Legal Liabilities for Investment Managers
Don Trone 2006 Pension Protection Act Standard of Care for Fiduciary Advisers & Auditing Procedures
Lisa Kottler
Al Otto
Randy Long
The Importance of Process in Retirement Plan Advising
Carlos Panksep CEFEX, Centre for Fiduciary Excellence - One Year Young and Growing!
Spenser Segal
David J. Bromelkamp
Mario C. Giganti
Prudent Practices - From Theory to Execution
George Gay
Johann Klaassen
United Nation's Principles on Responsible Investment & the
Latest Trends in the SRI Community
John McCabe Uniform Codes and the Formation of UPMIFA
Peter Preovolos The San Diego Public Pension Scandal - Fiduciary Shortfalls Exposed
Dr. Kennedy
John McCabe
Don Trone
A Conversation With...Don Trone, Dr. Kennedy, & John McCabe
Joe Dabney GIPS as a Door to Institutions and Their Gate-Keepers
Matthew D. Hutcheson The Prudent Fiduciary Environment and Its Impact on 401(k) Economics
John Lohr The Fiduciary in Business
Don Trone
Rich Lynch
Blaine Aikin
What Can You Expect in the Coming Year?
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