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Fiduciary Links: Considering 401(k) plans from advisor and client perspectives

Posted by fi360 Team on June 02, 2014 in Fiduciary Links

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>>>>>This week’s links included numerous articles pertaining to 401(k) plans, which both advisors and clients may find useful. Consider this article by ThinkAdvisor, which claims that just one or two options for fixed income in your retirement plan lineup may not be enough to meet your clients’ needs. It stresses the need for advisors to find the right balance of stocks and bonds for clients.

There were also some great links to share with your clients about their retirement. This US News article claims that retirement should come first, in most cases. One convincing argument states that it’s possible to borrow to finance college, but not for retirement, and that it may hurt everyone in the long run to put college first.

Finally, the problem of what to do with 401(k) account balances when changing jobs is addressed. This article offers 401(k) advice to mobile employees, including not to cash out the plan, and to keep the money in tax-deferred accounts. This ThinkAdvisor article looks at the reason why employees make the decision to keep, roll over, or cash out a retirement plan, and stresses the importance for advisors to educate themselves on the options.

Now on to the rest of the week’s best links:

News and columns from the leading trade, consumer, and mainstream media:

From the organizations/associations/government/academia:

From the blogs:

Articles your clients are reading, (or should be):


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