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Make Better Investment and Business Decisions

fi360 Training provides education to better equip individuals involved directly and indirectly with managing investments. We are dedicated to helping our customers gather, grow, and protect assets being managed by providing the education to make better investment and business decisions. 

Our courses will help any aspect of your business or responsibilities spanning from managing a practice to properly operating as a fiduciary. The programs are offered at multiple universities and training facilities around the world and also in self-paced online formats.


Designation Training

Rigorous education leading to a professional designation. These courses start with the fundamentals, but delve deeper into the detail of the subject material and the implementation of it in the real world. 

Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) Training

Provides a comprehensive education on fiduciary standards of care, including the legal and regulatory requirements for managing investment decisions on behalf of others. Practical aspects of applying a prudent investment process are covered from start to finish.

Students who successfully complete the program and final exam become eligible for the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®) professional designation. Learn More

Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®) Training

Builds on the depth of knowledge obtained in the AIF Training, with a heavy focus on the proper implementation of the Prudent Practices. This level of mastery allows for AIFA designees to assess their own conformance to the Prudent Practices, as well as perform assessments of other entities. 

Students who successfully complete the program and final exam become eligible for the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®) professional designation. Learn More


Essentials Training

Programs covering the basics. The fundamentals are taught in each course's area of expertise, laying a solid foundation for students to operate from.

Fiduciary Essentials for Investment Advisors

Provides advisors a better understanding of the fiduciary standard of care and improves their investment management services and processes. The course covers an overview of an advisor's fiduciary responsibility and their fundamental duties when serving in an investment fiduciary role. 

Successful completion of the program earns students a certificate of completion. Learn More

Fiduciary Essentials for Investment Stewards

Programs for anyone seeking a better understanding of the personal liabilities of being a fiduciary and a fiduciary standard of care to manage those liabilities. An overview of fiduciary responsibility and the fundamental duties of an investment fiduciary are covered in courses that are tailored to specific fiduciary roles. Learn More

Fiduciary Implications of Financial Planning

Training for financial planners wanting to better understand the fiduciary standard of care and how it applies to the financial planning process. The program was developed by fi360 for the Financial Planning Association® as part of FPA’s ongoing commitment to bringing value-added services and learning opportunities to its members. Learn More

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